Our History

The Ball & Arrow Primitive Weapons Club, commonly referred to as "B&A" for short, was founded in 1974. The club is primarily made up of muzzleloader and archery enthusiasts, but we also provide facilities for the use of modern firearms. Our club moved to its present 60-acre location in Roswell during the summer of 1978. Throughout the years, B&A has offered varying opportunities for hunters, shooters and historic re-enactors in and around Tuscarawas County. The club maintains 25-yard, 50-yard, 75-yard, and 100-yard shooting ranges on which the use of all firearms is welcome. The club also has an archery range, tomahawk/knife throwing targets, a picnic pavilion and a log-cabin clubhouse used for club events and meetings. Over the years, the club has sponsored many shoots for muzzleloaders and archers alike. We have also hosted hunter safety and concealed carry classes. Presently, B&A promotes gun and archery education by hosting the 4-H Shooting Sports Club during the spring and summer months.

The Rendezvous

Historical reenactment which reflects the dress and lifestyle of early-America hunters and trappers is sometimes referred to as buckskinning. Whether the portrayal is that of the western mountain man, the eastern long-hunter, or the Native American, buckskinning allows people to recreate various aspects of this historical period. The Rendezvous is both a history-oriented and social occasion. Many of the "buckskinners" in our club enjoy attending and hosting Rendezvous where we camp in pre-1840 lodging, cook meals over open fires, and dress for that time period. There are muzzleloading, primitive archery and tomahawk/knife throwing competitions which take place during these events. Other activities sometimes include fire-starting competitions (using flint and steel), games for the children and singing around the campfire. Currently B&A members host three of these camps per year.

2021 Elected Officers of the Club

President - Tom Moss Vice President - Alan Dalpaiz Secretary - Chris Stefanov Treasurer - Sally Holdsworth Sargent at Arms - Darrell Martin
Current Trustees- Wayne Schalk, Jim Harding, Jim Henry